Thursday, November 4, 2010

Joe DeRosa's "The Depression Auction"

Joe DeRosa isn't what  you would call an "angry comedian," but he is a little disgruntled. And fortunately for fans of comedy, he's one of those guys who gets funnier as he gets more and more irritated. He isn't mad at the entire world, just at the things that really get to him: Bad television (those anti-smoking "truth" ads), Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and even himself (he's given up alcohol, but don't call him inspiring).

DeRosa isn't ranting about nonsense here. He has a legitimate beef with things we've all had enough of: Grooms who wear top hats, people who claim identity theft, and those moms who try too hard to prove they're still hot.

Derosa packs so much comedy into The Depression Auction (my iTunes tells me it has a running time of 1.1 hours!), you almost forget all of the gems that are hidden inside. For example, Track 4 is simply called "I Got Rid of Cable". I refer to it as "The One with the Stone Mason Reality Show, The Cancellation of the Pie Makers Show, the Womens Entertainment Network, and The Bridezillas Get What's Coming To Them."

As easy as it can be to point the finger at others, DeRosa doesn't hesitate to point out his own shortcomings and flaws with the same "screw you" energy. Whether he's mad at himself for smoking, explaining why he would never make a good president, or admitting he commits 100% to an argument, even when he realizes he's wrong, DeRosa points out that we've all had moments of calling ourselves an idiot and it's going to happen again. Bring it.

The album wraps up with a special bonus track which dissects his encounter with some hecklers. DeRosa breaks in now and then to narrate not only what is happening in the club but also in his mind during the incident, and the listener can't help being drawn in on the action as it unravels. It's a bonus track that actually feels like an added bonus. When DeRosa explains to the crowd he is recording an album, he teeters precariously into entering an Orny Adams sense of I Deserve This, but the difference is DeRosa just made me laugh - and I mean laugh - for a straight hour, and he really does deserve it. Shut up, lady. There's funny goin' on here.



  1. "Anybody use the word 'Nemesis' instead of 'God'?"

    The album title was originally going to be..."It's FuckTime at the Shit Party, Dickhead!" according to his interview on Maron's WTF.

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