Monday, December 6, 2010

Robert Buscemi's "Palpable"

Robert Buscemi has such an original voice, it took me a track or two to find his groove and settle into it. That's not a bad thing, though. It's a good kind of different. The first time I listened to his new CD Palpable, it reminded me of the first time I listened to Steven Wright's I Have A Pony. It was, in a word, refreshing. In a year already teeming with solid releases from the comedy genre, Palpable manages to stand out mostly due to Buscemi's original approach.

Buscemi is a master at painting a mental picture. Whether he's talking about his recumbent bike - and the outfit and accessories that go along with it - or reciting the physical attributes of his past loves, Buscemi's details are so complete there's no doubt he has everyone on exactly the same page. He is a skilled linguist and, to put it bluntly, random to the extreme. I have no idea how Buscemi came up with the idea of posting a personal ad in American Historical Re-Enactment Monthly magazine...but after he recites his submission, I'm glad he did.

You'd think it couldn't get any more random than a Leper Pit For Charity but we are then seamlessly taken to Combing Day, a festive celebration of grooming Buscemi's back hair.

You read that right.

Not only was I laughing at the image of back hair woven with beads clacking against each other, I was also extremely impressed with the fact that Buscemi had managed to seamlessly transition from lepers to back hair combing.

From there, the random ideas only get better and better. And by "better and better" I mean more and more random. And by "more and more random," I mean hilariouser and hilariouser.
  • Germans pronouncing the phrase "puppet theater."
  • An examination of Grateful Dead parking lot economics.
  • Retroactive bastardization.
  • Donating your body to Home Ec class because you hated science
  • Rabid weasels scream-reading at hearing-impaired infants
  • Using candy to break up with your boyfriend Russell

It's like a bucket list of comedy topics I never knew was out there. Fortunately, Robert Buscemi did.


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  1. I've had the pleasure and luck to work with Buscemi in Chicago... he's the best of the best! A true original!