Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Top 10 of 2010: Sneak Preview

Well, it's getting close to that time of year when I roll out my picks for the ten best comedy albums of the year. In preparation, I've made myself a list of the albums I want to go back and re-listen to before I make my final decision. Here's a shot of that list in the order I added them to my iTunes library (click on the image for a larger view):

And yes, I realize Juston McKinney's album isn't called A Middle Close Hole and Joe DeRosa's last name is spelled incorrectly. That's just what tends to happen when I get near the end of the page.

As I prepare to entomb myself in my carefully-constructed isolation chamber (otherwise known as plugging in my headphones) I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the year's best. Don't worry, they won't sway my picks. I'll be posting one more review next week before I reveal the big list, so stay tuned. Of course, if there are any that aren't on the list you feel I should give a listen to, leave that in the comments as well.

In the meantime, why not visit your music-purchasing purveyor of choice and pick up a few. Your sense of humor will thank you.

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