Friday, February 17, 2012

Marc Unger's "Dirty Truth"

The new album Dirty Truth is a little tough for me to review. With many projects, after listening I have some sort of emotional connection and/or reaction. Maybe I liked it, maybe I didn't. Maybe I loved it and maybe I found it abhorrent. After listening to this new project from Marc Unger, I didn't have any reaction. At all. I didn't go nuts over it and I didn't think it was terrible. It just kind of...was.

My lack of reaction wasn't just a post-listening thing. Throughout the numerous times I played the album I didn't have much of a reaction. I didn't laugh or groan, smile or wince. And I guess that's what stood out to me most: This project didn't illicit any reaction at all.

The main reason for my lukewarm response is because there isn't a lot of groundbreaking comedy to be found here. Unger visits a lot of cliched topics that have been talked about from a stage countless times before and he doesn't explore them in a particularly new or refreshing way.

That's not to say he's bad at what he does, he's just...OK. Unger could easily perform at any comedy club in the nation, but he's not really they type to headline on a Friday or Saturday night. Unger's standard writing is more suited to a Sunday or Tuesday night slot. Sure, you'll have a nice time while you're there, but you won't be blown away or find yourself scouring YouTube later that night to get more. Unger says everything you'd expect from a seasoned road comic, which I guess is OK. On the other hand, Unger says everything you'd expect from a seasoned road comic. There just aren't a lot of surprises. It's like petting a lion with no teeth. It looks cool and makes for a nice photo op, but without the fangs, the fun that comes with the thrill of possibly getting bitten is all but eliminated.

I'm not just criticizing for the sake of criticizing. Here are a few examples of the been there, done that topics that are featured:

  • There sure is a lot of porn on the Internet!
  • Did you know that guys jack off a lot?
  • Reality shows are lame!
  • Sex in real life isn't anything like sex in the movies!
My main beef isn't with the topics themselves, as tired as they may be. It's just that Unger doesn't breathe any new life into them and as a result we're left with standard comedy. There are no stand-out benchmark moments and we come away with a set that's forgettably average.

If Unger is performing at a club near you, I'm sure you and your friends will have a nice time out. You'll laugh, have a few beers, and maybe - if you're lucky - the chicken fingers from the club's kitchen will be somewhat edible. But a week later when someone asks you how the comedian was, you'll say, "Yea, he was good. We had a fun time."

And the conversation will move on from there.

As I said before, that's what I got from the album. Not good. Not bad. Just...meh.

[Insert shoulder shrug here]


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