Sunday, July 15, 2012

Darcy Michael's "One Skinny Bitch"

On his new release One Skinny Bitch, Darcy Michael is a fun-loving, friendly comedian whose deep, gravelly voice and penchant for flirting with a guy sitting in the front row of the audience makes him come across as Harvey Fierstein's kid brother.

Michael is a nervous ball of energy. I couldn't figure out if his jitters were part of his schtick or if he was just really super-excited about the recording of his set. The constant glances at his set list (right down to checking each one off with a pen as the bit was completed) made me wonder if it wasn't the latter. He referenced the fact he was baked numerous times and the incessant high-pitched stoner giggle was his "tell" that he was moving on to the next subject at hand.

The CD is only 32 minutes long, a little short compared to most comedy releases that hover around the 1-hour mark, but it's a good middle-ing set (for those who may not know, a "middle" is the comedian who is on after the emcee and before the headliner). Michael puts his time to good use and covers a nice variety of topics. He explains how he lost 100 pounds and relays his experiences with yoga and Wii Fit (both with similarly comical results). His bout with the patch as he tries to quit smoking leads into Phase II of his time on stage: Weed.

There's no doubt that Michael is a fan of the bud and he enjoys painting himself as a cool stoner dude. His encounter with the police during a severed foot investigation is amusing (I was unfamiliar with the foot story, although the audience seemed to be on board. The album was recorded in Canada and there were a few references to people, places, and events that were lost on this uninformed American)

From there Michael moves on to the final phase: Gay Darcy. As he explores being married to a man in a small town and the challenge of having a 13 year-old daughter, he finds some fun laughs along the way. 

In general there's not a lot of new ground being broken and Michael closes with the obligatory blue material (as is The Comedian's Law). Still, Michael is an approachable guy who enjoys what he does and the people in the crowd seemed to have enjoyed the ride. 

But, judging by his ever-present giggle/snicker, no one enjoyed it more than Michael himself. 

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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