Monday, May 20, 2013

Lisa Landry's "Use This Against Me"

Lisa Landry is going through a divorce and she is not happy.

Granted, being in a foul mood is completely understandable given the circumstances. Divorce is never easy and dealing with everything it entails is never conducive to being the best person you can be. There are a lot of feelings, emotions, and just crap in general you have to cope with/avoid/figure out/figure out what you’ll figure out later. Kudos must be given to Landry who, in the midst of everything happening around her, decided to record “Use This Against Me.”

It was a brave decision and one I’m not sure I would have/could have made at the same point in my life. Because the CD was recorded while everything was hitting the fan, there’s no sense of hindsight here, just pure, raw anger. Landry hasn’t had time to step back and look at things. It’s as though she’s been slammed into by a bike messenger and knocked down - knocked down hard - and hasn’t been able to begin to stand up again. 

If you were to hear her telling the bike messenger story (read: metaphor I just made up) to someone later that night, it would sound very different than if you were standing beside her the moment it happened. Her friends around the dinner table would laugh and gasp as she talked about how she didn’t have time to react, how her coffee was spilled on a pigeon, and how her sunglasses spun in the air and landed perfectly on a homeless man nearby.

But we’re not getting that story. Things have just gone down and we’re getting the brunt of Landry’s initial rage. She’s still in the “He’s an asshole!!!” phase and she’s determined to tell anyone who will lend an ear as her anger is taken out on everyone around her. The Blame Game is in full swing as she explains that he’s the one who wanted to get married, he’s the one who wanted a kid, and he’s the one who told on her for getting high. I wanted to hold up my hands in surrender and say, “Hey, hey, I just came here to laugh.”

I really want to see what Landry would do (or will do) with this material a year or so down the road when the cuts aren’t still so fresh. They say that Pain + Time = Humor and I think that’s true. Pain + No Time = The Innocent Bystander Who Witnessed The Bike Messenger Incident And Gets Screamed At For What The Hell Are You Looking At Asshole?!!!

I’d rather hear the story later, at dinner, when we can all laugh about it together.

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