Friday, July 12, 2013

Brian Posehn's "The Fartist"

On his new album, there are some clear signs Brian Posehn is getting older. Much to the chagrin of the audience he has given up smoking weed and going to strip clubs. Even though years ago he vowed to never do bits on being a dad (and invited you to punch his yet-to-be-born baby in the face if he did so), he would now like to rescind the offer for the sake of his his son’s safety. He has even forgone a heavy metal-inspired album cover that has been a trademark of sorts of his comedy and instead went with one that pokes fun at Oscar-winning black-and-white films. 

Lest you fear Posehn has grown up too much, allow me to remind you this new CD is entitled “The Fartist.”

You can put Posehn in adult situations like growing older and dealing with the physical changes that come with it but you can’t take the fun-loving kid out of him. He loves being married and adores his family but he still has fantasies of teaching his penis to fart and is confounded by the ratings systems of various body holes (Why is the back one considered the A-hole?)

Posehn has deftly found a way to face mature issues from a completely immature perspective and, just like it always is with him, it’s a lot of fun. As he gets older, the smells coming from his body (the project IS called “The Fartist,” after all) have noticeably become more potent and he has two separate stories about accidentally crop dusting in public (one of them a random comic book store nerd, the other being Christian Slater in an audition holding room). He struggles with the proper way to raise a son, but the hard-hitting issues that take up most of his concern include the proper way to introduce him to the music of “Weird Al” Yankovic (originals first or Al first?) and the fear that he will grow up to - gulp! - like “The Phantom Menace.”

If there are Posehn fans who feared family life would rob him of his funny, they can rest easy. His sense of humor works just as well when he talks about the “apocapypse” with his son as it does when he shares the meanest tattoo he’s ever seen on a stripper. If you prefer Posehn in oddball situations, then you’re going to love the time he found out someone had a fake eye and he has an incredibly well thought-out sexual fantasy that really proves a point to Megan Fox.

Brian Posehn, friendly, nerdy, easy going, and still incredibly angry at George Lucas, has become exactly the kind of comedian he always hoped he wouldn’t: The kind who talks about his family on stage and how much he loves them. Even though he always hated it when other comics did the same, he has managed to also become the kind of comedian he always hoped he would be. A funny one. Who still tells fart jokes.

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