Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Melinda Hill's "Six Ways to Bomb on America's Got Talent"

Comedian Melinda Hill has released another project where, instead of doing stand-up, she reads a pre-written humorous story. I hesitate to use the word “comedian” because Hill isn’t really doing stand-up. She doesn’t refer to her notebook simply to remind her where she’s at or which bit is coming up next like Mitch Hedberg or Janeane Garafolo. Hill is more of an essayist reading her work aloud. 

Hill appeared on a popular television talent show, took a nosedive, and has written a short essay about her experience entitled “Six Ways To Bomb On America’s Got Talent.”  Although I found the writing humorous in parts, her reading doesn’t always do her material justice. The production value is pretty bad and was captured on what sounds like a cheap digital recorder sitting in the back of the club that distorts every time the crowd reacts. 

The single track is only 11-1/2 minutes long and although I did enjoy it more than her last outing, as a whole I can’t recommend it. As of this writing it’s on sale at iTunes for three bucks which seems a little steep, especially when compared to the work comedians like Louis C.K. and Jim Gaffigan have released for five. Instead, save your pennies and watch Hill’s appearance on AGT on YouTube for free. Chances are your comments afterward will be just as funny as Hill’s and you won’t have to pay $2.99 to have someone remind you that what you just watched wasn't very good.

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