Monday, July 8, 2013

Myq Kaplan's "Meat Robot"

When it comes to the art of high-speed self-correction, you’d have a hard time finding someone better - and funnier - at it than Myq Kaplan. On his new album “Meat Robot” he shows exactly how skilled he is at keeping one step ahead of the crowd by confusing himself before the rest of us have a chance to realize we have been bewildered. Kaplan will make a statement like comparing losing one’s glasses to finding a needle in a haystack and before we even begin to register these two situations might not be totally comparable, Kaplan has gone on a rapid-fire bunny trail over-explaining how and why they actually have nothing in common. What starts off as a simple story about a pornograph he caught online spins off into a tangent and we end up contemplating why we can’t understand Donald Duck (He’s a duck. Ducks don’t speak English. Hence, we shouldn’t be able to understand him).

His fast pace forces us to listen closely and keep up and there are rewards in the form of one hilarious aside after another for those who choose to go along. Kaplan is quick to congratulate and commend the audience for following him, especially when some of his jokes require “two movies’ worth of knowledge.” 

Kaplan (not gay, but he is vegan and understands the confusion) is well-educated and enjoys playing the role of math and grammar bully (the latter being something he picked up from his grandmother, which earned her a nickname she just didn’t “get”) and as a result he talks “dirtily” in bed, not the way the rest of us say it. And I won’t even mention what he might say about that last ending-in-a-preposition sentence.

Because Kaplan moves so quickly, we cover a lot of territory and all of it is equally humorous. The reason divorce shouldn’t have a bad stigma is just as funny as why clothes strewn about his apartment is chivalrous is just as funny as the only thing Chuck Norris can’t defeat. He explains why something could never be 100% vegan and he has a point when he declares Zombie Gandhi is way scarier than Zombie Hitler.

One of the ways I judge how much I enjoyed a particular album is by how much of it sticks with me and enters my vernacular (Basically, how much of it I steal and use in my everyday life). Already I’ve opened a door for my wife and declared “chivalreeeeeee” (much to her confusion) and re-told numerous times the not-racist-at-all jokes that were whispered to him after a show. This is a CD that you can listen to multiple times without it losing any of its original luster. The 4th time through is just as funny as the first and at many instances even funnier. 

I’d like to end this review in a way that Kaplan - and his grandmother - would approve. And since “fun” is a noun and therefore cannot be modified (at least I think that’s what he said), the best way to put it is to once again say it the way Kaplan did:

This CD is indeed many funs.


  1. I had high expectations for this album, and it totally lived up to those expectations.Great review.This is one of those albums that you start chuckling over and don't stop until you are shocked that it's already over.Good job, Myq.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Myq Kaplan.He has instantly become one of my favorite comedians.