Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tom Shillue's "Impossible"

Tom Shillue has returned with another installment of his 12-in-12 project and by this point it should come as a surprise to no one that things are clicking along at a smooth and consistent pace. Just like each previous chapter in the series, Shillue brings with him a bag of seemingly random stories (That’s right. In my head, he totes his stories around in a bag. A dark green duffel bag, if you must know) that all wind up seamlessly interwoven into the big picture.

The first of two tracks on his “Impossible” project is labeled “Unremarkable” and although the tales contained therein technically are just that, the way Shillue spins a yarn is...whatever the opposite of “unremarkable” is. “Markable” doesn’t sound right, but I’m going with it anyhow. The way Shillue spins a yarn is truly markable. 

A great story about a conversation he overheard on the train, helping a family of tourists become even more confused with public transit, and having the distinct one-of-a-kind, no one-else-ever-did-it pleasure of meeting John Boy Walton are all touchstones Shillue uses to turn the mundane into killer material. 

The title track is the epitome of storytelling, complete with eerie music to set the tone. Shillue begins by admitting his story sounds incredible, unbelievable, and yes...impossible but swears it’s true. Believe it....or not-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

Shillue recounts the time in college when he and his “Environment”-dwelling roommate decided to fly paper airplanes. Where could this possibly lead? And what’s so fantastic about paper airplanes?

Trust me. Trust Shillue. Wait for it. And then believe it.....or not-ahhhhhhhh.

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