Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Alvin Williams's "I Hope You're Happy"

I Hope You’re Happy” isn’t just the title of the debut CD from Alvin Williams, but also his sincere desire for you. Yes, he is aware that it’s nearly impossible to utter that statement and retain any sense of earnestness, but in order to prove his motives are pure he has come up with a very intricate plan in which to bring everyone a little more joy. And that’s just the last track of the album. Up until that point Williams ensures our Happiness Level by being a very funny comedian. 

This project is a nice introduction to Williams, a genuinely likable comic with a real knack for impersonating Denzel Washington (something that comes in handy when you’re trying to talk someone down from a bath salts high). Bear in mind that just because Williams is friendly and easy to relate to, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some strong opinions to which he holds steadfast. When it comes to the use of “the N-word” he proclaims Paula Deen and “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson the victims (and has some pretty compelling theories to support his hypotheses) and women…. well…. you can stop pretending. We all know you’re crazy.

Just as quickly as you can picture every female in the room giving him the stink-eye, Williams counters, explaining himself. Don’t worry, ladies. We love your crazy. At least…we love the routine crazy. It’s that surprise crazy that has us guys watching you from our peripheral.

When it comes to kids who are in genuine need of a beating, wondering if the Mickey Mouse Club will ever own up to the horrible child celebrities they’ve unleashed into the pop culture ether, or simply observing that the 88% Grade-A beef Taco Bell boasts about is only an A when graded on a curve, Williams shines as he ponders the mysteries we’ve all wondered about. He just does it much funnier than the rest of us.

Like many of the best comics, Williams’s humor strikes home because what he’s speaking here is truth. We can all relate to the fact that phone calls with our mothers are actually comprised of two separate conversations and really - let’s be totally honest - there is no such thing as cyber-bullying (unless you’ve figured out a way to make someone give you their lunch money via PayPal)

Williams especially shines when he contrasts the girls’ night out with the guys’. He’s not saying one is better than the other, he’s just bringing to light the difference in motivation and it’s a refreshing new (yet truthful) way to look at the night life. Women are there to make sure other women don’t make decisions that will screw up their life. Dudes are there to make sure other dudes do.

At the end of the day, Williams has succeeded in his mission. He made me laugh. He made me chuckle. And yes, he made me happy. And I’m being totally sincere when I say that.

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